How did Become Immersive happen?

Our Team has many years of experience of Sales & Marketing in Real Estate and Hospitality.

Over the years in those roles, we realized that the questions we received from our clients were the same, time and time again. We realized that we were merely telling clients and guests about the properties, but it was not enough.

They always seemed to want more.

They wanted to see what the spaces looked like before they got there. 

This need for a better visual value proposition led us to launch Become Immersive and help support all the business managers and owners that are out there in need of such a visual tool to leverage their sales, their marketing and their time.

Now, a client or guest can in the comfort of their home, and with any smartphone access the space that our customers manage.

Why Now?

We launched Become Immersive in the early stage of the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic.

The effects of the pandemic were so impactful for business owners, that we decided to launch in the middle of the crisis and help them leverage the spaces they manage in safety for both them and their team but also for the client.

This allowed businesses to avoid spending time and money in physical tours of the spaces they are managing.

Moving forward we want to help more and more businesses obtaining this type of leverage and lead filtration to achieve better results with the same resources.

Image by KOBU Agency